Heiko Roth joins Workerbee’s advisory board, paving the path for innovation and rapid growth


In a move set to drive innovation and rapid growth, Workerbee proudly welcomes Heiko Roth, a seasoned enterprise HR innovator, and serial entrepreneur, to our Board of Advisors.

Transforming business access to on-demand expertise

With a career in Human Resources spanning over two decades, Roth has a proven track record of driving transformative initiatives for Fortune 500 companies across the globe.  Roth’s accomplishments include co-founding Agilea Solutions, a thriving IT Services company specializing in Human Capital Management, and TestAssure, an innovative automated testing platform focused on helping organizations maintain Pay Compliance globally.


“This platform represents a transformative way for businesses to instantly access on-demand expertise, connecting them with highly skilled professionals who are eager to adopt a fresh new way of working.” said Heiko Roth.  “For businesses, it provides them immediate access to experts that can step right in and help on Day 1, without having to hire full-time. For Specialists, it provides additional opportunities to monetize their skills and work on their own terms.”

Heiko Roth’s career of transformative initiatives

Roth’s experience advising corporations such as Walmart, Target, Citigroup, UKG, and Verizon and his experience launching successful startups in the HR sector will provide Workerbee with strategy, operations, sales, and technology expertise at a critical time for us.

An exciting collaboration

“Heiko has long been a visionary in the HR Tech sector, applying his tremendous insight, experience, and passion into helping organizations modernize their technology stacks and realize business value more quickly” said Albert Cuesta, Co-founder of Workerbee.  “We’re excited to welcome him to Workerbee’s board of advisors, leveraging Heiko’s experience to collaboratively reshape our trajectory.”

Guiding Workerbee’s strategic trajectory

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Leveraging his track record of success in delivering for and selling to both SMBs and enterprises, Roth is positioned to advise our company during a phase of rapid growth. His strategic insights will play a pivotal role in broadening product market coverage and meeting the escalating demands of our diverse customer base.

In welcoming Heiko Roth to Workerbee’s Advisory Board, we are embarking on an exciting journey towards innovation and rapid growth. His wealth of experience in the HR sector, coupled with his visionary insights, will be instrumental in reshaping the way businesses connect with corporate software experts and for specialists to thrive on their terms.

As we forge ahead, we invite you to join us on this transformative path, where the future of work meets boundless possibilities.

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