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Vetted experts, flexible engagements, seamless transactions.

Data-driven matches

Input your software pain point. Workerbee will show you who is available to address it, based on system, experience level, and real-time availability.

Vetted specialists

Workerbee’s 6-step vetting process ensures the expertise you require, regardless of system or complexity.

Seamless Transactions

Buy the time you need, with transparent pricing and one-click booking.

Workerbee “Buy Time” Protection

We know that strong mutual protections lay the foundations for a great working relationship.
That’s why we offer the Workerbee “Buy Time” Protection for both our customers and experts.
This includes:

Escrow Payments*

Secure escrow system ensures timely payments and peace of mind

Dispute Resolution

Clear dispute resolution terms to protect both sides

Money-Back Guarantee

Hassle-free refund guaranteed if you are not fully satisfied

6-Step Vetting Process

Buy with confidence knowing you're getting the expertise you need.

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All your corporate software needs covered.

Whether you need to implement new products, re-configure existing solutions, build new integrations, or simply augment your team, there is a workerbee ready and able to help.

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